New pedagogy - Learn to learn digitally

Grade 1.0 by learning 4.0

For a long time, it was unimaginable that schools in Germany would stand still. Empty classrooms, silent playgrounds and helpless parents. The common solution to this is called distance learning. But what happens next? We are convinced that distance learning or alternate instruction will leave many school children struggling with major learning gaps. For years, our education system has been training educators to teach face-to-face classes and supervise large groups of students. First, students are introduced to school-based learning, and then, overnight, personal responsibility is supposed to take hold. Far too soon, we leave teachers, students and their parents to their fate.

The discussions about distance learning in schools do not stop and the execution varies depending on the educational institution. For this very reason, more and more calls are being made among those concerned for a uniform, school-wide digital learning platform. For this reason, decision-makers should look at possible learning platform implementation scenarios in schools before trying to map lessons digitally too quickly.

Learning platform has to be learned

A learning platform can be seen as a complex content management system that is used to provide learning content and organize learning processes. This clarifies the basic functions. However, the actual task is much more profound. It is about managing digital exchanges away from any face-to-face events and communication between learners and instructors. Adapting the mapping of pedagogical actions to the individual needs and preferences of users is probably the biggest challenge.

It is simply no longer enough to simply upload the learning material and rely on learner ownership. With such a system of trust, you simply risk too much. And if it weren't for our future and that of our children, then this model would be defensible. The advantages of a learning platform are that it reduces the workload in teaching, takes over numerous administrative tasks and simplifies the mapping of learning processes.

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Difficult times need new ways

And new ways need a new pedagogy. Because both purely face-to-face events and purely online sessions do not bring the hoped-for solution. Problems with face-to-face events have not come into focus solely because of the contact restrictions of the Corona crisis. Face-to-face instruction is rarely efficient, especially for events with large numbers of participants. Long teaching units, heterogeneous learning material and the constant change between subjects often contribute to learning frustration. Purely online events, on the other hand, require a high degree of maturity and good self- or time management. Let's not even get started on the missing social aspects.

The mix makes the difference

The best solution lies somewhere between the classroom and online units. This does not mean that all tried-and-tested learning methods have to be thrown overboard. There are already many good examples of successful Blended Learning in companies from which schools can benefit. An exchange with these can be worthwhile. From the concept to the implementation of the digital learning platform, individual hybrid forms can be easily adapted to business processes.


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