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Scalable and cost-effective: Large IT companies or IT departments of larger organisations (for example multinational companies) with several offices and facilities in multiple cities, states and even countries can use a single, cost-effective LMS installation to train all their employees. Scalability and cost efficiency are key.

In the IT industry, you often need to provide the same material across all your branches. With eLearning, you can provide a common pool of centrally managed material to all of your employees.

The ability to offer a wide range of courses and learning materials without expensive textbooks and teachers makes eLearning an ideal solution for the IT industry.

eLearning also allows trainers to effortlessly create new training materials and quickly deliver new courses. This allows IT professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and knowledge they need to acquire.

Unlocking new levels of performance

IT companies and IT departments in larger companies have an increased need for training of employees and new hires, as the technology sector is changing at a much faster rate than most other sectors. Companies need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

eLearning can help IT companies and departments enormously by meeting their training needs in an automated, centrally managed, as well as time and cost efficient way. Isn't that the goal of any IT deployment?

  • It is scalable for tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of learners
  • It is able to respond quickly to new training requirements
  • It provides all learning professionals with the same standardised material, like new APIs, deployment instructions, safety guidelines, among others.
  • It provides tools to evaluate your own effectiveness. It is by nature cost-effective.

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