The Talent Experience Plattform

Increase employee engagement. Future-proofing your workforce

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Compactly combined

Create better working conditions, increase resilience and succeed in today's fast-changing world.

In combination, the three components of the Employee Development Platform serve to unlock the full potential of your employees and ensure that they learn, engage and perform where it really counts

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Learn & Develope

Yoomind Learn

The learning management system clients place their trust in will train your people the way you want them to. At the same time, it provides the power and flexibility needed for transformative learning

Empower & deliver

Yoomind Empower

The user-friendly learning experience platform motivates and unites your employees, using the benefits of collaboration and informal learning to inspire high performance

Boost & succeed

Yoomind Boost

Give your very best and motivate your employees with the tools from yoomind Perform.

Employee Experience

Together they form a unified development platform for your employees. It brings together all the key talent management tools and processes you need to succeed in your new work environment: learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and ultimately productivity.

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