Yoomind Empower

Empower and deliver

Motivate your employees through collaborative learning

Create the best possible workplace

through collaborative knowledge exchange

Accelerating the acquisition of skills

via peronalized learning and content curation

Encouraging employee and learner engagement

by bringing your employees together


Unleash the power of informal learning and collaboration

Yoomind is a learning experience platform (LXP):

Empower your employees to adapt to and succeed in the new work environment.

Boost engagement and share expertise with clever ways to deliver the right training, resources and information at the right time and place - all while you work.


Empower your specialists to enable continuous learning

Create and organise resources from different channels into personalised playlists available on any device.

Study groups

Unite your teams and share your expertise using collaborative workspaces

Access or request information from colleagues right when it's needed, regardless of location or time zone.

Cross platform

Integration von unterschiedlichsten Kommunkationsplattformen

Collaborate and solve complex problems from a central digital space without adding the complexity of switching between different tools. Take advantage of the possibility to integrate diverse communication platforms into the pathways. Whether Microsoft Teams, or Zoom or Skye. All are seamlessly integrated.

All tools for a powerful workplace

Content organisation from all channels

You can quickly source, create or curate knowledge from subject experts in the form of articles, blogs, photos, podcasts and even videos to develop personalised learning paths.

Update your social and micro-learning content

Reward interactions between colleagues such as reviews, comments and suggestions to build a vibrant, networked learning culture.

Recommend relevant content

Identify and recommend content that is relevant to your employees' interests, skills and needs - thanks to a resilient recommendation engine.

Gaining deep insights with surveys

Collect quick feedback from your teams with customisable surveys.

Streamlining administration in complicated hierarchies.

Dynamic sharing and access settings simplify content management and delivery.

Accurate recording of employee engagement

Identify upcoming talents, subject experts (SME) and thought leaders as well as less engaged individuals with detailed user and content engagement reports.

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Employee Experience

Together they form a unified development platform for your employees. It brings together all the key talent management tools and processes you need to succeed in your new work environment: learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and ultimately productivity.

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