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In the highly competitive world of call centres, eLearning helps save money. With a single Bended LMS installation, you can serve hundreds (or even thousands) of employees at once!

The ability to offer a variety of courses and learning materials makes eLearning an attractive solution for the telecommunications industry, considering that call centres can support many products and services of multiple companies.

eLearning offers call centre agents great flexibility as they can learn at their own pace without the need for time-consuming face-to-face sessions ( which can be impossible to manage in a way that is satisfactory for all employees given the schedules and 24/7 support shifts).

With eLearning, instructors can easily create new training material and quickly provide new training courses when needed (for example, to train staff to provide support for a new product).

Why a BlendedLMS fits perfectly into a call centre

Call centre agents have to deal with complex, wide-ranging enquiries, unpredictable customers and changing products and services to be able to serve people better.
 Training your call centre agents can help them perfect their customer service and communication skills, learn the details of the products and services they need to assist customers, run through hypothetical scenarios and become familiar with different complaint handling techniques.

Moreover, frontline agents are only the beginning. In a medium to large call centre (which can employ thousands), there are also supervisors, support agents and managers who need to be trained in human resource management, quality assurance and other aspects of day-to-day operations.

  • It can be scaled to hundreds (or thousands) of employees.
  • Learners can learn at their own pace without interrupting 24/7 customer support.
  • It is able to respond quickly to new training requirements.
  • It is easy to manage a wide range of courses, especially helpful for call centres working with a variety of products.
  • It offers tools for evaluating one's own effectiveness
  • It can provide agents in a call centre with all the training material they need while serving customers.

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