Yoomind Boost

Boost and succeed

Give your very best and motivate your employees with the tools of Yoomind Boost.

Increase engagement

By aligning employees with the company's goals

Increase productivity in the workplace

With regular monitoring, continuous feedback and performance appraisals of employees

Adapt the performance management process

Around your organisation


Unlocking new levels of performance

Yoomind is the agile performance management system that empowers you:

Use the possibilities of continuous performance management to increase productivity at work in your new work world.

Set up your own course and adapt your performance management practices to your own environment.


Adaptation of performance management to your individual work processes

Monitor the performance and the development needs of your employees, your path and take actions that bring you closer to achieving the company's goals.


Redirect employees to improve performance

Increase productivity through flexible and frequent performance reviews with managers and mentors.


Identify skills gaps to strengthen your business

Follow skills and developments closely to train your staff and build a competitive, dynamic business.

All the performance management tools you need for a highly productive workforce

Adaptation to the way your organisation operates

From traditional to agile performance management, support workflows, practices and strategies that meet your unique needs. Our employee performance management software adapts to your organisation's approach.

Managing performance with minimal disruption

Optimise the performance management process through integration with Human Capital Management (HCM) products such as payroll, recruitment, talent management and more.

Enable targeted performance reviews for employees

Powerful visual reports identify high- and low-performing employees and create actionable, meaningful interactions between managers and employees.

Balancing managers and staff through appraisal processes

Create synergy between managers, employees and the company's goals by simply improving or introducing new appraisal processes.

Create customised solutions for your business

Create customized solutions in yoomind Boost yourself or with a yoomind partner.

Conduct objective assessments with 360-degree feedback

Objective evaluation of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities by balancing self-assessment with input from colleagues, team members, supervisors and others.

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Employee Experience

Together they form a unified development platform for your employees. It brings together all the key talent management tools and processes you need to succeed in your new work environment: learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and ultimately productivity.

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