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If your roots are in traditional face-to-face training, you will be amazed at how cost-effective eLearning is. With a single installation, you can serve thousands of students/learners around the world with minimal cost and effort. Adding eLearning to your core offering will probably cost you less than setting up a classroom.

An eLearning platform like yoomind is intuitive and functional. Trainers can quickly find their way around and create courses in no time. And thanks to the advanced import functions, they can also reuse existing course materials such as presentations, documents, audio files, video materials and much more.

You are probably used to manually grading tests and schoolwork. You will be overwhelmed by the possibilities of yoomind, from automatic grading (and test creation) to detailed progress reports and student statistics.

Last but not least, yoomind supports blended learning, also known as instructor-led training, and allows you to manage your regular courses with the same ease as your online courses, and you can offer regular courses and real-time webinars as part of your online courses.

Why a blended LMS is the smart choice for the education system

eLearning has been embraced by large and small companies and organisations in all kinds of industries. But it was the education industry, including traditional educational institutions, that was the first to adopt eLearning. Whether it is a large university like MIT or the local school, adopting and investing in a modern learning management system like yoomind should be a given.
  • It is a natural fit as you already have experience in offering courses
  • You can effectively use your brand name
  • It gives you access to a huge market for high-quality, low-cost education
  • They also reach students who cannot be on site due to distance or lack of time.
  • It enriches your traditional lessons with additional materials
  • It is inexpensive to deploy and easy to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners.

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