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An open and customisable learning platform


Learn how, when and where you want.

Further training

Train your staff with powerful blended and collaborative learning tools.


Transform your approach to learning in a large business to match your needs.


Qualifying your employees on your terms and conditions

Yoomind provides an enterprise learning management system that enables you to learn to the following

Replace your traditional, limited LMS with yoomind's transformative learning platform that people place their trust in.

Agile learning management to prepare your employees for the new work world.

Study groups

Creation and automation of targeted study groups

Automatically assign learning content to different groups, personalised by role, team, skills and more.

Face 2 Face

Involve your employees through classroom teaching, e-learning and blended learning

Support offline and online learning events and centrally organised blended learning.


Securing your business through strong compliance management

Guarantee compliance with our software and ways to improve safety and reduce business risks.

All tools for a powerful workplace

Support for multiple groups and organisations with multi-client capability

Mentor multiple teams or clients from a single instance of your GDPR-compliant open source LMS, combining a streamlined administration experience with uniquely branded and isolated user environments.

Creation of comprehensive custom reports

Capture the LMS reports and data that matter to you to improve compliance, track student performances and send automatic email alerts to relevant stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

Engage students from outside of your organisation

The extended provision of corporate LMS allows you to target external audiences such as clients, partners, external employees or the general public to broaden the audience and increase the reach of your training.

Whitelabel your platform

Custom themes, LMS gamification, design and navigation provide employees a seamless, instantly recognisable and engaging user experience on your corporate learning platform.

Integrated and collaborative learning on the go

yoomind's customisable LMS and mobile learning app allow employees to stay up to date wherever they are, improving completion rates and making training more convenient.

The right people, the right learning, the right time

The LMS's admin-friendly course management gives you total flexibility in setting up courses and allows you to provide learners with relevant content in a timely manner.

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Employee Experience

Together they form a unified development platform for your employees. It brings together all the key talent management tools and processes you need to succeed in your new work environment: learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and ultimately productivity.

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