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Use case employee training

Acting has to be learned! It's a skill that many people have to learn in real life, whether they're signing a contract or asking for a raise. In these situations, it's about achieving a goal, not just presenting a persuasive argument. It's also about helping the other party leave the table feeling good about their decision.

Branching scenarios can help learners improve a sales pitch, respond to hesitation, and know when to push a little harder and when to pull back.

Companies invest a lot of money in classroom training and professional development without having thought about the benefits of an online solution.

Continuing education can be easily integrated as e-learning courses into learning management systems, or LMS for short. The added value for companies is enormous. Sustainable employee development is the future of successful companies.

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Talent Experience Plattformenen betrachten den Lebenszyklus der Mitarbeiter in einem Unternehmen und fördern diese gezielt hin zur Fachkraft.

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Die Mitarbeiterentwicklung ist der Schlüssel zur Verbesserung des Wissens, der Kompetenzen und der Fähigkeiten eines Mitarbeitenden. Gezielte Personalentwicklung verringert zusätzlich die Wahrscheinlichkeit der Mitarbeiterfluktuation.

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